How do I access my team's forms for tournament submission?

Learn how to find, edit, and submit the Tournament Data Form, Expense Report, and Prep Checklists.

Most DI tournaments are now paperless. Unless your Affiliate has told you otherwise, you should assume that all of your team's forms will be submitted via the Resource Area by the date of your tournament. Even if you are asked to bring paper forms to the tournament, you will still fill out all forms online and simply print the copies you need prior to your tournament. All form information is submitted via the online portal, including:

  • Tournament Data Form: A brief description of your team's Challenge's scored elements as well as their reflections on the creative process. Your team may use Part 3 of the Tournament Data Form included with your Challenge to prepare these answers.
    • There is also a spot to upload an optional Team photo here
  • Expense Report: Your team's Expense Report and receipts
  • Team Challenge Prep Checklist:
    • Safety information
    • A checklist of required elements for your team's Challenge
    • Declaration of Independence
    • A place to upload a script of your team's presentation (optional)
    • There will be a SUBMIT BUTTON here if your tournament is using a Prep Pre-Check process and you are submitting before the deadline.
      • If there is not SUBMIT BUTTON, your tournament is either not using a Prep Pre-Check process OR the deadline has passed. Your forms will be reviewed on tournament day.
  • Instant Challenge Prep Checklist:
    • Declaration of Independence
    • Instant Challenge Promise
    • There is NO SUBMIT BUTTON on this checklist. You simply fill out the form and hit BACK in order to save it. The form will be reviewed by officials prior to your team's Instant Challenge.

To access the tournament forms for your team follow these steps:

  1. From the Team Manager or Team Coordinator Dashboard, click the Tournament Forms button under Helpful Links.
  2. If your tournament has been set up, any of the teams that you are assigned as a Team Manager or Team Coordinator to will show up in a list. If you see "No Teams Found" please contact your Regional or Affiliate director to find out when they will open up the tournament for submissions.
  3. Click the pencil icon on the corresponding row for whichever form you would like to edit:
    1. TDF = Tournament Data Form
    2. EXP = Expense Report
    3. TC PREP = Team Challenge Prep Checklist
    4. IC PREP = Instant Challenge Prep Checklist
    5. TC MSG & IC MSG = Where your Prep Appraiser may notify you of issues with your paperwork.
  4. Fill out the forms. You may save your work and return to any of the forms anytime before you hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the Team Challenge Prep Checklist. To save your work, just use the BACK button at the top of each page.

Here is a quick video to show you how the tournament form process works: