Why is the contest for free Global Finals registration open only to teams that participate in their Affiliate tournament?

Affiliate Tournaments are really important! There are many reasons why attending an Affiliate Tournament is a great idea for your team. By encouraging teams to participate in their local Affiliate Tournaments, we are ensuring the best possible educational outcomes for teams in the Challenge Experience. Below are just some of the benefits from participating in an Affiliate Tournament. 

  • Level Up Your Team’s Solution: Get the scores and feedback to help your team make any needed improvements so their solution is ready for Global Finals!
  • Authentic Audiences: Presenting in front of an authentic audience of Appraisers and other teams adds valuable meaning and makes the learning real and relevant to your team.
  • See How Your Team Stacks Up: Without attending a local tournament, your team will never know how they stack up against their peers. Every team deserves the chance to showcase their solution and vie for the top spot in their region, state, or country.
  • Financial Support: Many districts and schools only offer financial support to teams that qualify for Global Finals through competition. Open registration for all teams does not count as qualifying through competition. If you skip your Affiliate tournament you may be missing out on financial support. Check with your district or school about their policy on financial support for teams bound for Global Finals.
  • Your Affiliate Needs You: DI’s Challenge Experience could not exist without the dedication of our Affiliates around the world. Many Affiliates depend on tournament registration fees to remain operational season-to-season. By attending your Affiliate tournament, you’re making sure DI continues in your part of the world.
Build Your Network: Connect with other Team Managers and DI supporters from your area and plant the seeds for future collaboration and opportunity.