Will DI be in-person this year?

Will tournaments be in-person events? Will my team be required to wear masks? Is there a virtual option?

LAST UPDATED 08/13/21:

Destination Imagination is excited to return to in-person tournaments and events for the 2021-22 Challenge season. As always, our top priority is the health and safety of our participants and volunteers. We are monitoring health and safety protocols around the world, and safety requirements will be made according to local health procedures at the time of the tournament. For the latest updates on the health and safety procedures for your local event, please contact your Affiliate Director. If you need assistance in finding contact information for your local Affiliate, just let us know.

We recognize that there are some areas within the DI community were attending an in-person tournament is not yet possible. For those teams, or for teams who would prefer a virtual experience, we would recommend participating in the 2021 Digital Open.

Additional updates will be shared with the DI community as they become available.