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FAQs: Pricing Change for 2023-24

Here are responses to the frequently asked questions about our recently announced pricing increase for the 2023-24 season:

Why the is Team Number pricing changing? Destination Imagination hasn’t raised the cost of a Team Number since 2013. Making this change for 2023-24 will help put us on the road to properly rebalancing the economics of our nonprofit organization. It will help give us the ability to lower costs elsewhere in the DI experience and preserve the long-term sustainability of Destination Imagination.

Will the Global Finals registration fee change for 2023? No. We are only increasing the cost of Team Numbers for the 2023-24 Challenge Season. 

Will the Team Number price change again for 2024-25? No. The Board of Trustees has committed to leaving the new pricing in place for at least two Challenge seasons. Moving forward, we will re-evaluate Team Number pricing every 2-3 years and will be committed to giving our community enough time to plan and budget for any future changes.

What is Destination Imagination doing to manage budgetary concerns? Destination Imagination has taken the following actions to address any financial issues:
    • Increases in corporate sponsorship, to fund opportunities like the imagineXperience.
    • Increases in fundraising efforts, resulting in an increase in individual and corporate donations.
    • Significant budget reductions for Destination Imagination, Inc., including position eliminations and moving to a fully remote global staff.
    • Restructured audit procedures to increase financial transparency.

How can I contact Destination Imagination to learn more about this pricing change? If you have questions, you can contact our team at AskDI@dihq.org