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How can I become a Team Manager?

Training, time commitment, and how to get involved

Every DI team will work alongside an adult volunteer who serves as their coach, or Team Manager.  All Team Managers must pass a background check before they can be assigned to a team.

All Team Managers get access to resources designed to help them guide their teams through the Challenge process, including the Roadmap and training modules through Adobe Captivate.

Team Managers can lead more than one team, but some Affiliates may place restrictions on working with more than one team on the same Challenge or Level.

Being a Team Manager is a big but worthwhile time commitment, especially if your team is just getting started.  While the specific schedules are determined by the needs of the team, Team Managers often attend most meetings and accompany the team to tournament.

The best way to start the process of becoming a Team Manager is by contacting the person who coordinates Destination Imagination at your school or community organization.  If you're not sure who to ask, contact us here.