How can I share the results of my background check?

I've already had a background check run by Sterling Volunteers. Can I share those results with DIHQ?

This article is intended for use by Team Managers or other volunteers required to obtain a Background Check per Destination Imagination’s Youth Protection Policy. All Team Managers are required to clear a Background Check through Sterling Volunteers before they begin working with a team. Team Managers will not be able to access Challenge materials or register for a tournament until their Background Check has been processed.

If you are a Team Manager who has recently cleared a Background Check, you may not have to repeat the process to volunteer with Destination Imagination. Use this article to determine if your previous Background Check is acceptable and how to share your data with Destination Imagination.

How do I know if my Background Check is acceptable?

For U.S. Team Managers: Your Background Check is acceptable for use with Destination Imagination if it meets the following criteria: 1) it is effective through May 30, 2023, 2) it is a Level 2 or Level 3 Complete Check. Your Background Check must meet both criteria to be considered. Please see our Background Check page for additional options as needed.

For Team Managers outside the U.S.: The criteria for Background Checks will vary based on your location. Please contact your Affiliate Director for the most up-to-date information.

How do I share my results with Destination Imagination?

If your previous Background Check meets the criteria listed above, you can share your results with Destination Imagination using the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Sterling Volunteers account. Visit to get started. You will enter the same login information you used to get your previous Background Check.

Step 2: From your profile, select “Find organization and share my background check”.  On the “My Profile” page, you will see a screening checklist on the right side of your screen. If you’ve already completed a Background Check, the first two items on the list should be checked off. The third item on the list is a link reading “Find organization and share my background check” - click there.

Step 3: Select “Destination Imagination HQ” to receive your Background Check data.  In the search field, enter “Destination Imagination HQ” and hit the orange Search button. Click on the Share My Check button. 

Step 4: Let us know your results are on the way! Email with your name and the date your Background Check results were shared. That will help us make sure you get access to the Resource Area as soon as possible.


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