How do I register for my DI tournament?

Learn how to register for your Regional and/or Affiliate Tournament using

Tournament registration is an important part of the Challenge Season. It is how you will declare your team's intention to attend and participate in a local DI tournament. Most DI Affiliates* use as their tournament registration platform. This system is connected to the DI Resource Area so any team information you have entered there, will be visible during the following registration process. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Not all DI Affiliates use as their tournament registration platform. If you are unsure what your Affiliate uses, please reach out to your Affiliate Director using the Find DI Near Me page.


  • US-based Team Managers must be cleared through a Sterling Volunteers background check or via a Background Check Group Waiver. Click here for more information.
  • You must declare your team's Challenge and Level on the Edit Team page in the Resource Area. Click the My Teams button on your Dashboard, then click the pencil icon next to the team you want to edit.
  • Your Region or Affiliate must have your tournament set up and enabled.

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

Team Coordinators and Team Managers may register their team(s) by following these steps:

  1. Go to and log in with your DI username and password. This is the same username and password you use to log in to the DI Resource Area
  2. Click on the purple box next to your team to start registration. You will be prompted to double-check that this is the correct tournament. Once confirmed, click the Start Registration button.
  3. The Tournament Registration page is comprised of different sections. As each section is completed, its color will change from light yellow to light green. When all your sections are light green, you will be able to submit by clicking the Submit Registration button will appear on the right-hand side.
  4. Complete each section by following the instructions shown.
    1. The Team Managers, Team Members, Appraiser Volunteers (if required), and Support Volunteers (if required) sections are dependent on others completing certain tasks so you will need to log out and come back to check on the status of these sections. Any work you do will be saved.
    2. The Tournament Fee Payment section should only be used if you are responsible for paying the fee. If your school, district, or sponsoring organization is paying the fee, please work with them to determine how this payment will be made.