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How do the tournaments Work?

The Destination Imagination season culminates with a series of tournaments, which allows participants to showcase the creativity and innovation of their solutions. Teams get the chance to compete in tournaments at the Regional and/or Affiliate level.  Top teams from each Affiliate Tournament are eligible to participate in Global Finals, an international competition that takes place in May.

Three quarters of a team’s scores at their tournament are based on their Team Challenge, while a quarter of their scores are based on their Instant Challenge.  Tournaments typically begin with an opening ceremony in the morning, and end with a closing ceremony during which awards are presented.  During the day, teams will publicly present their main challenge for friends and family, along with anyone else who is interested in watching, and they privately present their Instant Challenge.  When teams are waiting, they have the chance to watch other teams’ solutions.  You can learn more about how the tournaments work here.