How do I process my background check?

I'm a Team Manager, and I can't access the Challenges. What can I do? Where is the Start Background Check button?

In the US*, challenges are only accessible to Team Managers who have cleared a Background Check. Follow the steps listed below to gain access to the Challenge Materials.
If you already have a background check from a source other than Sterling Volunteers, check out our Background Check page for your options.
*Note: These instructions are intended for Team Managers in the United States. Team Managers from other nations should contact us if you need assistance with accessing your Challenge Materials.

What You'll Need to Get Started:

1. Your Team Number. Team Numbers are available for purchase here. If someone else is buying your Team Number for you, make sure you have been added as a Team Manager.
2. Your account login for the DI Resource Area. Don't have an account yet? Visit this page and click "Create New Account".
3. Your background check activation code. If someone else purchased your background check for you, you will receive this code from them.

Video Instructions


Step By Step Instructions:

1. Log into the DI Resource Area.
2. From your dashboard, click the button that says "Start Background Check". (Don't see the button? Make sure you have been assigned as the Team Manager.)
3. You will be taken to a new page and asked to enter some information about yourself. On this page, you will be asked for your background check activation code. (If you bought your own check, this code is in your confirmation email. If someone else bought your check, you should get your activation code from them.)
4. You will be redirected to the Sterling Volunteers website, where you will be asked for additional data to start running your background check.  You will see screens that look like the images below:
5. When your background check is complete, you will receive an email from Sterling Volunteers. Most background checks are completed within 1-5 business days.
6. After your background check has been cleared, you will automatically be marked as Eligible in the DI Resource Area. All Eligible Team Managers will have full access to the Challenge Materials by clicking Documents>View documents>Program Materials.
Note: It is extremely important that you use the same email address in the DI Resource Area and Sterling Volunteers. If your email address does not match on both websites, your background check will be delayed.
If you have questions about Team Manager background checks or the DI Resource Area, contact us.
If you need assistance using Sterling Volunteers, contact