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I'm interested in volunteering. How do I get started?

Destination Imagination is grateful for the thousands of volunteers who contribute to our organization.  We utilize volunteers in the following positions:

- Team Managers.  These adults work directly with a team, and help them as they prepare for tournament.  It's similar to being a coach.  Team Managers are provided with resources (like our Roadmap) and training in person and online.  

- Appraisers.  These volunteers perform scoring at tournament.  Appraisers might work on a Challenge, in the Prep Area, the Score Room, or other duties at tournament.  Appraisers complete training in person in their Affiliate.

-Challenge Masters.  Individuals who help oversee a specific Challenge, including facilitating understanding of its details for Appraisers and volunteers.

- Challenge Developers/Challenge Dissectors.  These groups help create new Challenges for teams to solve.  All potential Developers submit an application in March.  Accepted Challenge Developers attend a writing weekend in June, then continue the process online through December.

- Affiliate/Regional leadership.  Every Affiliate has its own dynamic team who prepare tournaments, facilitate trainings, help recruit new teams, and create a great DI experience for participants.

To get started, use our Find DI Near Me page to find the Affiliate closest to you.  Your Affiliate's page will include contact information for the local representatives who can help you find the volunteer role that's the best fit for you.