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I've got a question about getting a background check to volunteer with DI.

In the 2019-20 season of Destination Imagination (DI), we launched an updated and comprehensive Youth Protection Policy intended to ensure the safety of our participants and of the DI community. This policy includes online training for all staff and volunteers, and stipulates that all Team Managers have passed background checks before they interact with any youth participants. These fundamental changes are necessary to protect the youth that we serve and put Destination Imagination on par with relevant, globally-minded youth organizations around the world.

For the 2020-21 season, we are taking additional steps to integrate this policy into the way we do business. Starting this fall, all Team Managers must pass a Level 3 Complete background check through Sterling Volunteers before they can be assigned to a Team Number. Establishing this procedure will ensure we have updated, complete data on all Team Managers that is consistent across geographies. It will also take some administrative burden off of your local Affiliate Directors, allowing them to focus on running tournaments and supporting your teams.

Here’s how it will work: 

  1. There will be three products available online at ShopDI: 
    • Team Number Kit ($150): A quick, 1-click option with everything you need to start a team — one Team Number and one Background Check.
    • Team Numbers ($110): Can be purchased when a Team Manager manages more than one team OR when a school/district is buying Team Numbers separately from Background Checks.
    • Background Checks ($40): Can be purchased when a team has additional Team Managers OR when a school/district requires Team Managers to purchase their own Background Checks.
  2. After a Team Number is purchased, the Purchaser must add the Team Manager to initiate the background check process. The Team Manager will receive an email about how to start their background check through Sterling Volunteers. 
  3. Once the Team Manager has passed their background check they will be notified and permanently assigned to their team(s). They will now be able to log in to the Resource Area and start a great Challenge season with their teams!

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