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What is a Team Coordinator?

The Team Coordinator is an administrator that oversees all of the teams at a school, district, or organization.

First Things First

The initial purchaser of any Team Number is automatically set as the Team Coordinator for that Team. This individual may be replaced with somebody else at any point in the Challenge Season.

Often, Team Managers themselves purchase Team Numbers and in those cases, they would be considered the Team Coordinator as well.


Depending on the needs of the school, district, or organizations, the Team Coordinator may:

  • Purchase Team Numbers and Background Checks
  • Coordinate student recruitment and team formation
  • Assign Team Managers to Team Numbers
  • Distribute purchased background check codes
  • Assist with tournament registration and tournament submission forms
  • Support the Team Managers within their school

Training Resources

Team Coordinators have access to the same training resources as Team Managers:

  • The Roadmap for Team Managers guidebook
  • Roadmap+ email subscription
  • Online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Huddles - independently run virtual meet-ups for members of the DI community
  • Local in-person or virtual training, Instant Challenge days for teams, and skills workshops

Season Schedule

  • August through January: Form teams, purchase Team Numbers, help process background checks
  • Mid-Season: Respond to questions from Team Managers, track tournament registration deadlines
  • December through March: Ensure teams are properly registered for tournaments.

What makes a great Team Coordinator?

  • Good communicator
  • Good with deadlines
  • Familiar with school/district/organization policies
  • Excited to support DI teams